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Nigeria: Davido Slams Italian Show Promoter Over Breach of Contract

Nigerian pop star, David Adeleke fondly known as Davido is upset with a show promoter in Italy. The singer aired his grievance as he revealed that the show promoter breached a deal they had for him to perform in Italy.

Taking to his Instagram story, the multiple award-winning artiste noted that he was in Vicenza, Italy to do a music show but further claimed that he spent four hours waiting in his hotel to receive his balance for the show but the promoter didn’t budge despite the fact that they had sold about 7000 tickets.

The singer claimed, “We overwork our bodies, sweat, blood, and tears daily to keep up and deliver these shows for our fans, only for people to take our craft and hard work for granted. I fly private 90 per cent of the time.

“But for logistic issues, we couldn’t get a landing permit on time. So, I even decided to take almost three connecting flights to get here. We get here and the promoter did not keep up to his own part of the agreement.

“He sold thousands of tickets but doesn’t want to pay me. Normally, it’s no balance, no show. I’ve been ready at the hotel for the past 4 hours waiting, still nothing. I know how many people used their last to see me.

“Because of that, I will do the show. How do you sell 7k tickets, yet you don’t have my balance, you fraud?”

Credit: The Platform on line

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