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The Director of the movies, “Wedding Party” and Producer of the acclaimed crime and the politics themed movie “King of Boys” got engaged to her long time heart throb, Oscar Heman-Ackah at an event in Accra, Ghana earlier in the year.’

She wrote, ”We have taken sometime to privately enjoy this moment and bask in the celebration of it all.  However, we are beginning to understand it would be next to impossible to keep this to ourselves for much longer.  After thinking long and hard, we ultimately would love for this announcement to be made on our own terms and molded to our own narratives.  Plus you all here have followed my journey from the start and have lovingly rooted for me- now if isn’t that family. I don’t know what is”.

“So dear FAMILY, on the 28th of January, in Ghana, delivered as a beautiful surprise and expression of love, in the presence of some close friends and family @oscarhemanackah asked that we spend the rest of our lives together”

“And I wholeheartedly said “Yes” without a single reservation”

Kemi is a typical example of the apple not falling too far from the tree as her mother Mayen Adetiba was an actress before she went on to become the first female Civil Engineer from the South South.  Her Dad Dele Adetiba is a veteran broadcaster and an advertising guru who was CEO of Grant Advertising.  A Law graduate from the University of Lagos, Kemi Directed “The Wedding Party”1&2 and “King of Boys 1 & 2 which is reputed to have made well over N250m in box office in Nigeria.  Finance expert put Kemi’s net worth at $6m.

Oscar Heman-Ackehher fiancé is a Ghanian-Nigerian Music Producer of no mean repute.  He has worked with many famous Musicians.


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